I’m contacting you because one of your employees at

reached out and asked us to have a bloody important conversation with you on their behalf. They wanted me to ask if you would consider our Cycle Supply program and supply period products for your staff who menstruate.

Even though it’s 2023, menstruation is still stigmatised, which is why your staff member chose to remain anonymous, but gave us your contact details,

through our Bloody Important Conversation starter website on

July 20th, 2024

Businesses around Australia spend thousands yearly on cakes, alcohol and long lunches but don’t even consider supplying their staff with items as necessary as period products.

Our Cycle Supply program supplies your workplace with organic, sustainable, and ethically sourced tampons and pads on a regular basis, saving your staff from worrying about access to period products, while creating a supportive work environment for people who menstruate.

Our online calculator helps determine the appropriate ‘Cycle Supply’ amount and all profits from your purchase go toward ending period poverty by providing tampons and pads to Australians who can’t access or afford appropriate period products, which has been TABOO’s mission since founding in 2016.

Learn more and request a quote here to not only support your staff, but help end global period poverty.

Thank you for your time!


Eloise Hall
Managing Director
TABOO Period Products

Thank you!

Thanks for anonymously nominating your employer to supply period products in your workplace! We’re off to have this bloody important conversation with them.

Please note, any details entered into The Bloody Important Conversation are for the purpose of facilitating this conversation and will not be saved for any future marketing promotions without the recipient’s direct consent.